CUDG3D is a full-wave time-domain electromagnetic simulator. It is specially suited to deal with closed and complex structures such as waveguides and resonant structures. It currently has the following capabilities:

  • Supports several orders of accuracy through the use of different order scalar polynomial basis.
  • Curvilinear tetrahedrons.
  • Fourth Order Low-Storage Explicit Runge-Kutta, leapfrog and Verlet time integrator’s.
  • Local Time Stepping (LTS) by means of a Causal-Path LTS technique (CPLTS).
  • Cluster working capabilities through MPI.
  • Multiple threads per processor through OpenMP.
  • Closed/symmetric problems by means of PEC and PMC conditions.
  • Open problems by means of PML boundary conditions.
  • Bulk lossless and lossy dielectrics.
  • Materials with frequency dependent relative permittivity and/or permeability, with an arbitrary number of complex-conjugate pole-residue pairs.
  • Equivalent models of multilayered skin-depth materials
  • Multiple waveguide ports definitions.
  • Plane-wave illumination with arbitrary time variation.
  • Hertzian dipole sources by means of a near field formulation.
  • Near-to-far field transformation.